Born and raised in California’s Silicon Valley I have had a love of science right from the start. While attending school in Sunnyvale, CA I watched the 1998 tornado touch down just a few miles away. The rare anti-cyclonic supercell sparked my curiosity and passion for weather. I hold two degrees, Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism from San Jose State University and Bachelor’s of Science in Operational Meteorology from Mississippi State University.

I have worked at multiple news outlets in weather, news and production. Serving California’s Central Coast I provided everything from surf to farm forecasts for KSBW. The mountainous terrain and marine environment of the Central Coast made for some tricky forecasts. At KNTV I worked alongside experienced meteorologists while doubling in production. I gained an appreciation for news at KGO-TV working the assignment desk gathering news and information. Growing up with Nancy Drew mystery books, the assignment desk made me feel like a detective figuring out the stories of the day. In 2015 I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan to report and forecast for WXMI. Mitten state weather is a dream for any meteorologist. From snow storms to tornadoes, Michigan has it all. I also reported throughout West Michigan, even interviewing Garth Brooks and Olivia Newton John.


When not at work, I’ll be out on the farm with my horse. Star, a gray American Quarter Horse, is my trail, parade and rodeo buddy. In 2012, I won the title of Miss California Rodeo Salinas and traveled the West Coast representing California’s largest rodeo. Before that I toured the Wine Country as Miss Wine Country Rodeo 2011, part of the 75th Sonoma County Fair. On January 1st 2010 and 2011 I had the privilege of riding in the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade as the marshal of the Giddy Up Gals Equestrian Drill Team.

Star isn’t the only pet in my herd. I also have Herbie, a Black-tailed Prairie Dog. I thought they were normal pets in Michigan, but apparently they aren’t! All Black-tailed Prairie Dogs in captivity are rescues from the BLM. While perfectly legal pets in Michigan, prairie dogs are illegal in Oregon. Herbie is permitted through the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife with a Prohibited Species Permit. He was brought to Oregon with an Invasive Species Permit through the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

I am also a proud alumna of San Jose State University’s Symphonic Band. I continue to play the French horn, flute and piano. A PADI certified scuba diver since 6th grade, I jump at the opportunity to get in the water. I have dove California’s Monterey Bay, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the U.S. Virgin Islands.